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Non-resident Membership Renewal


$450.00 one year

Thanks for renewing your membership!


Two members, at least one of whom is a boat owner or co-owner, and is assigned to another harbor, or is a trail boater who shall have satisfied the requirements for membership.  No membership shall be based upon more than one boat.  Each membership shall be entitled to one vote to be case as decided by the members under that membership.  In the event that the members under a membership are deadlocked as to which vote or how to cast a vote, they shall each receive a one-half vote to be exercised under a reasonable procedure.  Non-resident members cannot be elected to office.  Elected officers who transfer from Diversey to another Chicago harbor may continue to serve and vote as if they were regular members.

Membership cannot be shared between two boat owners. This rule will be strictly enforced, violators will be subject to expulsion from the club.

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